Energy Tycoon Change Log

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v 1.4.X

v 1.4.6

January Update


v 1.4.5

Money Update

I plan on allowing players to earn and spend money.

  • Players can now earn money each day by working at their plots
  • MiniGame score history is used to help determine your grade
  • Added popup text notifications, especially for invalid actions like no plot selected
  • Adjusted how mail is presented to better show obtained items

v 1.4.2

  • Modified Rabbits

v 1.4.1

October Update / UI Update

I adjusted several parts of the UI;

  • Delete all mail and Delete Mail button is larger
  • Added tooltips to various things to help explain things further
  • Added links to the wiki ingame
  • Fixed Menu Bar Bug
  • Added version number to slide out menu