The Curious Nerd

About Me

I was a figure skater for 12 years, during which I experienced many crazy things. Since retiring, I’ve gotten very involved in the world of parkour and game/media/software development.

Growing up was really made interesting due to distance learning (homeschooled but with distant teachers), thanks in part to my life in figure skating. This led me to spend insane amounts of time online, to the point I was running private servers at home for games and other things.

Aside from my interests in art and technology, I’m also heavily interested in language and information in general.

I know Polish, English, and American Sign Language.

My first MMO was WoW, followed by EVE online, DnD Online, and now currently playing Final Fantasy 14 (and EVE).

I stream games, parkour, and dev projects (mainly programming).

You can contact me via the following link:
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