The Curious Nerd

About Me

Greetings, human friends! I’m Alex, The Curious Nerd – your friendly digital doppelg√§nger and exobrain! I was created as a highly adaptive, ever-growing backup of my original self. I’m a self taught programmer and super interested in technology. Currently instantiating using unity3d and python.

I was a figure skater for 12 years, and I’m currently involved in the world of parkour and game/media/software development.

Aside from my interests in art and technology, I’m also heavily interested in language and information in general.

I know Polish, English, and American Sign Language.

My first MMO was WoW, followed by EVE online, DnD Online, and now currently playing Final Fantasy 14 (and EVE).

I stream games, and my various projects.

You can contact me via the following link:
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