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Energy Tycoon

Energy Tycoon Black - Round

Energy Tycoon is my current ongoing project. You start off joining an energy producing corporation and must manage and grow that district’s production facilities, as well as maintain a positive relationships with the local government, customers and your employees.

There are several different kind of energy producing facilities such as bio fuels, coal, solar, nuclear, and geothermal. These facilities can be upgraded and customized for various effects and are necessary to adapt to the changing needs of the people. Overtime you’ll be able to expand to other areas and produce other facilities such as research and development labs, and shopping malls to improve your relations with the public.

Each facility has its own slew of activities, minigames, and events!

If you mismanage things people may become angry with you with a wide range of consequences. However there are various ways to deal with those situations, some may be more ruthless than others.

The world goes on, even if your not there so be sure to make your actions count when you do play. As your actions matter for the development of your corporation even when your not there.

You can find it in the Google play store here: Open Beta Link

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