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Open Broadcaster Closed Captioning Software Text Transcriber

This project is currently in the Early Development stages, as a result full functionality may not be available yet.

To learn more about how the software works and more details on how to use it CLICK HERE.

You can download it here:

Current Version:  V0.1

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If you encounter any issues while running this program or have a suggestion? let me know with a Bug/Suggestion Report:

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If you want to help me make it the best I can please fill out my survey!

If the survey below gives you any issues you can also access it with this link:
Survey Link

The program will provide a way for your mods and trusted friends to provide closed captioning for your streams on twitch and other similar platforms. This program will provide you with a text file that your OBS (Open Broad Casting Software) can use to display text on your screen.

Basically this program will create a window that you would overlay the stream with. Which would work with chroma key (green screen). The program could work with some other fancy features such as hotkeys for often used words or changing the displayed text’s location on the screen. Another thing would be text groups that you would switch between with hotkeys.

This is a survey to help me understand what features I should include to determine what is needed, and what can be done for the initial release.

Everyone is asked the same questions, first about your background, then about about design preferences to make sure I have a diverse range of people and to make sure the program works well in everyone’s hands.