The Curious Nerd

Energy Tycoon Info and Other Projects Updates

It’s been a crazy past few months for me and I figured I should put out an update regarding how everything is going.

I finally moved to my long term living place. Which means doing things becomes much easier for me since I don’t have to worry about moving around as much.

I also unfortunately had to join in on a few unexpected projects I had to take part in which is delaying progress on Energy Tycoon. The good news however, is that doing these projects will help give me more funding which means I can do better things with Energy Tycoon.

One such project that I am working with is a chatbot + moderation system that will be used with things like twitch and other irc like chat rooms.

However around November I will be doing a ton more work on Energy Tycoon which should have a major update at the end of November / beginning of December.
This update will include some ways to use and earn money in game. As well as an in game wiki to help explain things.

Before that update sometime in October I will push out some ui updates that I have been wanting to add/change for a while now.