The Curious Nerd

How Twitch is changing my gaming experience

Recently I decided to stream my gameplay of EVE Online on twitch.

Because of the notorious reputation about how the EVE universe works I was very hesitant to do it. My main concerns were mainly being ganked and stream-sniped while in vulnerable positions. Especially while hacking in wormhole space. 

Despite these concerns I decided to go for it.

EVE Online Abyssals

I soon quickly learned to blur my ingame windows to help mitigate some of my worries. (Thankfully I  blurred the windows before I lost ships) In addition I was able to improve the fittings of nearly every ship I now fly.

One thing that genuinely surprised me was how many people came by my stream and offered help/advice. Thanks to them I was able to mitigate issues and face my fears (like Abyssal Space). 

Together we made fittings and learned more about this complex game. Plus considering the learning curve of this game, I definitely welcome the help.

However this had me thinking about all the other times I received help during my streams. Now ultimately I feel that without twitch chat I would not be doing the content at the ability that I am doing now. I’m now starting to view my stream as a place where I try to better myself. 

With these experiences in mind, I’m now thinking what other things I want to share via live streaming. Some of the things I’m considering is creating some kind of interactive 24/7 stream. As I think about this, I want to create this channel with some of the skills I want to gain this year.