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Energy Tycoon Open Beta

The day is finally here, Energy Tycoon is in open beta.

You can find it in the Google play store here: Open Beta Link

When you now go to your work sites, you will see another button which will allow you to work at your facilities. Your performance there will affect the reports you get in game. Note this only applies to facilities you have constructed on your land.

In addition here is a more up to date progress report.
The next part that will see it’s way into the beta is the tutorial system which will help explain things. In addition I will be adding a few things to the ui (like hover text) which will help make things more clear.

Green = complete enough for next stage

Orange = work in progress

Red = not started

Main Systems

  • Daily Work Cycle
  • Weekly Work Cycle
  • Office
  • Plot System
  • World Map
  • NPC Social Interaction System
  • Random Event System
  • Quest System
  • Mail System
  • Tutorial

Plant Operations / Minigames

  • Drilling for Oil 
  • Harvest Bio Fuels
  • Lumber Jack
  • Coal Mining
  • Solar Charge Game
  • Nuclear Management Game
  • Geothermal minigame

Graphical Needs & Misc

  • Flexible Character Sprites
  • Clean and Effective Animations/Effects
  • Sound / Music
  • better and faster textures


After I finish the tutorial system I will begin to expand the office system.