The Curious Nerd

Energy Tycoon Progress Report

I have been continuing my work on Energy Tycoon as I work on these side projects to increase my funds to spend on graphical and sound assets for my game.

This should help explain the current progress of the game and what needs to be done to enter the next phase of development. Once everything in the Minigames and Main Systems categories are completed the game will be ready for public beta.

Green = complete enough for next stage

Orange = work in progress

Red = not started

Main Systems

  • Daily Work Cycle
  • Weekly Work Cycle
  • Office
  • Plot System
  • World Map
  • NPC Social Interaction System
  • Random Event System
  • Quest System
  • Mail System
  • Tutorial

Plant Operations / Minigames

  • Drilling for Oil 
  • Harvest Bio Fuels
  • Lumber Jack
  • Coal Mining
  • Solar Charge Game
  • Nuclear Management Game
  • Geothermal minigame

Graphical Needs & Misc

  • Flexible Character Sprites
  • Clean and Effective Animations/Effects
  • Sound / Music
  • better and faster textures


It has been an interesting journey so far making this game. I often find myself looking at the project and seeing how I can improve several things.

Once I complete the minigames I will begin the office system for the player as well as a few changes to the dashboard to make the information presented to the player more relevant to them.