The Curious Nerd

Energy Tycoon Updates and Timeline

I have put together a full list of the current progress of Energy Tycoon and what will be needed to move onto the next step of development, which would be getting it into the hands of testers like you!

Green = complete enough for next stage

Orange = work in progress

Red = not started

Main Systems

  • Daily Work Cycle
  • Weekly Work Cycle
  • Office
  • Plot System
  • World Map
  • NPC Social Interaction System
  • Random Event System
  • Quest System
  • Mail System
  • Tutorial

Plant Operations / Mini Games

  • Drilling for Oil 
  • Harvest Bio Fuels
  • Lumber Jack
  • Coal Mining
  • Solar Charge Game
  • Nuclear Management Game

Graphical Needs & Misc

  • Flexible Character Sprites
  • Clean and Effective Animations/Effects
  • Sound / Music
  • better and faster textures

I estimate that the main systems  along with 80% of the mini games will be complete by the end of August. The graphical needs and misc list will be done during the revamp.

Once all of these become green, you will be able to test and download the game from the android play store.

At the moment open beta begins, the primary focus is to revamp the game graphically so everything flows well from any point in the game. The total length of that process will depend once it gets to that stage.

After the revamp is done and feedback is good from the testers, I will end the beta and fully open up the game for everyone.