The Curious Nerd

My thoughts after my recent experience at Boda Borg Boston

People working on solving a puzzle

Boda Borg is a group activity with a variety of unique challenges. For each challenge you enter a room and from there encounter a series of puzzles which are sometimes physical, other times mental, and occasionally both at the same time. Upon completing a room you unlock the next one, with the end rewarding you with a stamp proving that you completed the challenge. However if you fail any of the rooms for that specific challenge you will have to start from the beginning.

For example in one challenge there is a room with a series of buttons, which much be pressed in a particular order based on clue around the room. My favorite challenge that I visited was the haunted house experience. As I walked, crawled and climbed through this challenge I realized the heavily themed attractions seemed far more enjoyable than the more generic ones. I find that these themed challenges engage the users far more since there is so much more to look/interact with. When you walk into the haunted house it feels like you are transported elsewhere. You don’t get this same feeling of immersion in the other challenges for the most part, they just feel like tasks to do instead of goals such as escaping or surviving a dangerous situation.


One thing that I highly recommend is to make sure you bring shoes that can grip firmly on walls, which is really important since many of the challenges involve climbing on difficult surfaces. You would also want to wear comfortable athletic clothing since you participate in a wide range of physical activities.

Personally I greatly enjoyed the experience and I look forward to trying new challenges in the future, especially once technologies such as virtual reality spread to these kind of attractions.