The Curious Nerd

Streaming and Twitchcon

So recently I traveled to California for Twitchcon 2018. Overall it was a really fun experience.
Though now that it’s all done, I’ve been comparing this event with prior conventions, including how I felt throughout each of them.

One of my newer experiences this year included being asked to share some of my work.
I expected to be anxious but was much more comfortable than I thought I would be when I started to share my content with others.

The response while positive and constructive put me in a odd place mentally, as I had no clue what to expect. Mainly because I don’t get a chance to show off my work often.
I almost felt like I wasn’t prepared to hear positive feedback, but rather negative or neutral. But as a result of this I have a more clear vision of what my content should be.

As a results of all of this, I feel more motivated to continue working on my projects/endeavors.