The Curious Nerd

What I’m Currently Working On

The past few months have been a unique experience.
As I work on my various endeavours to support myself, I keep finding more and more projects to take on.

I find that as I am solving more complex problems and becoming more familiar with solutions to software based problems, I am finding them easier to approach and implement. This is especially true now that I am collaborating on many of my projects and can begin to divide and conquer the problems.

Thinking back to the last couple months there are a few points that I would particularly like to share. Through all that I have been through, I must say that working and implementing networking code has been one of the most enriching experiences for me so far. And on the other side, constantly redesigning User Interfaces can be one of the most irritating exercises, partly because it seems that the end users never seem happy with your work. Finally, it has been uplifting to see several people come up to me with their projects and ask for my input, and realizing that I actually have the experience to help them.

As I begin to wrap up the project that has been eating up most of my time, I will shift my focus back on my game development projects, and hopefully release some new content soon.